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Captain Black&White

Hello, I'm Kevin P. O'Hara, aka: Captain Mudslinger !
Yes . . . I have a sense of humor.
One needs to laugh a little in this world.
I've been making Art for over 48 years,
and have been doing what needs to be done to get by, while making Art.
I've been able to create a place where people can come
and explore their creativity thru clay.
I love to create beautiful things and to help others do the same,
be it with clay, paint, pastel or
what ever material the creative process calls for.

I have been making Art for as long as I can remember and whether it is a blessing or a curse, I've always been creative and making something. I have a BS in Art from Illinois State University 1982, and a BS in Broadcast Communications, with a Bible minor from North Central Bible College, 1991  Minneapolis, MN. For over 45 years I have been throwing pottery, drawing, painting, sculpting.
15 years ago I built my first reduction gas fired kiln. She purrs like a kitten, or like a rocket. She reaches temperature using 2 liquid propane burners and the colors are fantastic.

My Motto: "Have Fun & Love."
The translation would be, to "enjoy the gift of today and put others first."

When my son was 5 1/2 years old he asked, "What's life for?"
I said, "ahhhhhh." 3 seconds later he said,
"I know, it's to have fun, and . . . to love!" (translation: Enjoy the gift of today and put others first.) So that is my philosophy for Mudslinger Pottery. I've tried to create a nice, relaxing, happy place where people from ANY background can come and be creative, encourage each other and have fun playing with clay.  To date, I've taken over 2,500 people from every background you can imagine by the hands and helped them create something out of clay, even a 12 year old boy with one arm and graphic artist that became blind 12 years earlier.  Everyday is a privilege.

Special Thanks to Leslie my wife, who believes in me and allowed us to invest in a dream that has come to pass.